AvataGo ICO

“Enjoy your life with AI AR Friends”

AvataGo is the Metaverse World for AR Friends of Artificial Intelligence. The platform would offer AI AR avatar solution for the PET, Friends and AR Art.

About AvataGo:

AvataGo is the platform for user to be given the new various avatars and successfully nurture ideal avatars in various environments, just as Prometheus in Greek mythology gives new life to humans and helps them.

Up to now, avatars that represent us are the main stream in the metaverse VR environment from the real world to the virtual reality.
In the future, AI avatars would become another mainstream, like new independent creatures in an AR environment from the virtual reality to the real world.

It is not just metaverse platform but the future of AR metaverse platform of Play2Earn and Create2Earn.

Service & Profit System
1. Playground
– Enjoy the travel and get experienced with AI AR Friends in the real world.
– Share each other’s feelings with AR Pets in a daily life.
– AR Art (Home, Café, Park, Gallery, etc., B2B Advertisement).

2. Asset Store
a. Real Items
– Seller : Sell the Personal Items (Face, Body, Voice, Character, etc.).
– Buyer : Buy the Personal Items and then make AR Friends for enjoyment.
b. AR Friends
– Seller : After buying the Personal items and then making AR Friends for selling.
– Buyer : Buy the AR Friends made by Seller.
c. AR Art : AR Contents (Dinosaur, Café interior, Exhibition, Company Advertisement, etc.)
– Seller : Produce the AR Art for whoever to enjoy in Public Channel. Add B2B Advertisement for earning.
– Seller : Produce the AR Art in Private Channel that can be purchased by the Buyer.
– Buyer : Buy the AR Art items and contents.

3. IoT Service
– AR Friends enjoy watching a concert, K-Pop, Sport Game, etc. as humans.
– Share AR Friends feelings with user

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